Fuse Block & Bus Bars _ BSB-421

Product Information

Compact size bus bars with ample 100A capacity(6P, 12P)


•  Glass fiber reinforced Nylon base ensures great mechanical strength and durability
•  Optional transparent insulating cover with recessed area for label stickers
•  Tin-plated copper bus allowing current up to 150A
•  Stainless steel studs and screws provide great anti-corrosion ability on board
•  Insulated base ensures no leakage to metal hulls

Screws : 6P :2 x 6 x M4 (5/32″), 12P :2 x 12 x M4 (5/32″)

Mounting Centers Dimensions(L x W) : 6P : 107mm, 12p : 167mm

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